Vienna First Impressions

We arrived in Vienna in the late afternoon. Our chosen hotel was Le Meridien at Opernring 13, selected for its walking proximity to many attractions. The hotel and location proved to be everything we hoped for. After settling in, we stepped out to explore our new home for three days. A short stroll up the Opernring took us past the museums, parliament house, Hofburg Palace and up to the very ornate City Hall (Rathaus) and plaza (Rathausplatz).

First impressions…? A very pretty city with lovely architecture. We will enjoy our time here.

Every summer Vienna hosts an outdoor film festival at Rathausplatz. Thousands of people crammed into the plaza enjoying food stalls, drink stalls and each others company. Even though the films don’t screen until after 9pm, it seems that experienced festival goers arrive early to secure a table with their friends and don’t move.

Unable to secure a table and preferring not to balance a plate on our laps, we decided to stroll back in the other direction in search of a restaurant. Our experience is that the Old Town in European cities is a good place to start and Vienna is no different. After a nice meal, the sun had truly set and a comfy bed began to beckon. We were surprised to find people in period costume touting classical concert tickets on so many street corners – only in Vienna

Bicycle lanes are a feature of Vienna. The only confusing thing is that the pedestrian side and the cyclist side of the path switches from time to time and suddenly you find yourself dicing with death walking in the bike lane.