Tyrolean Folk Show

The Gundolf Family of Innsbruck are an incredibly talented bunch. For nearly 50 years they have been performing traditional Tyrolean folk music and dancing for the delight and entertainment of guests from all over the world. 27 years ago they built their own venue especially for their Tyrolean Folk Show.

So what is a Tyrolean Folk Show? From the Gundolf family it is ninety minutes of lederhosen, slap dancing, yodeling and story telling through music and dance supported with just the right amount of oompah. We watched agog as the very talented dancers never missed a beat in their high energy foot tapping slap dancing. Our breath was taken away with the enormous sound produced by six people yodeling and ringing cowbells in harmony supported by talented musicians.

But it goes further. Between the dozen or so artists, they can play what must be every traditional instrument. We listened to a saw cry, cowbells tell a story and performances on range of stringed instruments that we had never heard of. Hearing the Harry Lime Theme played as a harp solo was amazing. Another highlight was a flawless xylophone performance that ran from allegro to presto (fast to bl**dy fast). However the biggest highlight was the way that the Gundolf family enjoy delivering their show and love to have fun with each other. For such a long running show this is hugely important.

But enough of the performance. Was it a good night out for a 50 something tourist? Absolutely! The hotel pickup and drop off all ran smoothly. You are greeted upon arrival and asked your country. As soon as you sit down at the custom seating with a narrow table in front, your complimentary drink arrives and there is plenty more at the bar at the back. You can also book for dinner and a show and other guests told us the meal was very good.

Everyone is here for a good time and to gain an appreciation of the culture of this part of the world. After a brilliant night of entertainment that you will never see elsewhere, this talented bunch finish by singing songs from each country represented and encouraging the guests from those countries to stand and be recognized. A nice touch and one wonders just how many sons they have in their repertoire!

Whatever you do, when you visit Innsbruck, be sure to see the Tyrolean Folk Show. It is great value and you’ll love it. Book online at: https://www.tiroler-abend.com/en/tyrolean-evenings/tyrolean-evening.html