Travel the Golden Triangle in India

A very special part of India is the region known as the Golden Triangle. This is a triangle bounded by New Delhi, Jaipur and Agra. Jill was determined that on this visit to India we would see the Taj Mahal and it didn’t take much research to discover that there is much more to see.

golden triangle 065The challenge was how to get to it all. The idea of riding a tour bus for 5 days really didn’t appeal. So I looked into private tours instead. India is a country where private tours are incredibly affordable. For INR 39,800 (US$590) we secured a Toyota Innova with a driver and our own private guide for 5 days and nights plus our own accommodation. There was no extra cost for accommodation for the driver and guide and we weren’t game to ask where they spent the nights. The price included the vehicle hire and fuel.

The company suggested an itinerary that we refined slightly, but the real benefit of a private tour is the ability to change plans on the fly. If you’ve seen enough or want to stay longer at a place then you can. We had to pay some of our own admission fees (very cheap) but very impressive was that at each major attraction our tour guide contracted a local expert to lead us.

The company we used was Shine Gold Tours. They naturally offer all-inclusive deals with accommodation but we preferred to book our own hotels. Shine Gold have our hearty recommendation.

The five day tour includes a day of sight seeing in New Delhi, a day in Jaipur, two half days in Agra and of course a road trip. There is quite a distance to cover by road but with a guide in the front seat to talk to you there is lots to see and learn.

Some people land in Delhi and dash up to Agra and back to see the Taj Mahal in an exhausting 12-14 hour bus tour. Slow down and enjoy a historic part of India over 5 days. We absolutely recommend it.