Discovering Prague on Foot

Prague is a classical city. Just as Florence in the renaissance attracted artists from all over, the circuit of Vienna, Budapest and Prague attracted or generated great composers and musicians. Remarkably the people of those cities still value the music, symphonies and operas created in centuries past. You can see signs promoting concerts virtually every night of the year. Discovering Prague on foot on a nice day is a joy.

Unlike other major European cities, Prague was never bombed during World War II. As a result all of the historical architecture remains. Whereas Berlin was mostly devastated and has been able to reinvent itself, Prague survived intact and is an architecture lovers dream (and probably a civil engineering nightmare).

When you explore Prague on foot, be prepared to stop often to admire a building or even just a sculpture or window on a building. Old Prague is not as compact as some cities and so the walking is best spread over couple of days. Our video features two areas: The Old Town Square and the Charles Bridge.

We had a taste of the Old Town Square on our Segway tour but vowed to return for proper exploration. We enjoyed lunch at a café while people watching (our favourite sport). Then we explored the square and found stalls with street food that would have been a quarter of the price – but no people watching. by the way, as in many European cities be ready to pay to pee. A small coin is all that is required but a credit card won’t help! It may seem a terrible imposition but the result is very clean toilets and another person has a job.

The weather turned on us so we cut short our Prague on foot that afternoon, expecting better weather the next day.

The target of our second day Prague on foot touring centred around Charles Bridge. We had been advised that a number 22 Tram would take us across the river and up the hill to begin a leisurely stroll downhill and back to the hotel. Tram tickets are not available from the driver but can be purchased from then hotel or from a convenience store.

We jumped of the tram in the trendy and tourist shopping strip on the Palace side of the river. After exploring the shops we headed for Charles Bridge. What a surprise! We expected a pretty walk across the river but a walk across the “pedestrians only” Charles Bridge is an event! Street hawkers selling jewellery and instant portraits line each side of the bridge and locals and tourists alike shuffle across in no hurry at all. People will stop suddenly in front of you to take a selfie or admire a statue.

For us, after crossing the bridge it made sense to follow the river back to our hotel. The riverside is another magical place with restaurants to linger at and all kinds of interesting boats to hire. Of course there is the photo inspiring views of the river and its plethora of bridges to enjoy along the way as you finish your discovery of Prague on foot.