A Folklore Evening in Prague

When visiting places that are rich in history, we seek out examples of traditional music and dance to add to our experience. In Prague we found a “Folklore Evening with Traditional Czech Dinner”. What a splendid night it was!

Hotel transfers were included. They were completely punctual and as the restaurant was quite distance out of the city we were very glad to not have to worry about transport and finding it ourselves. After picking up Jill and I there was a second pick up in our 8 seater to collect a group of work colleagues who remarkably all worked for SABMiller Procurement – part of the same family as Australian brewing giant: Carlton United. Not a single Australian amongst them – one each from El Salvadore, England, Switzerland, South Africa and Peru combined with us our table was quite the United Nations!

Food service was slick, and hot. No choices (unless for dietary needs) but good wholesome (and apparently traditional) Czech fare. Drinks were included (wine, beer and soft drink) The wine service was very clever. A waiter carried a glass bulb of white and red wine and could pour from half a metre away without missing a drop. Watch the video!

The welcome included playing some music from each country represented so everyone was engaged immediately. And the entertainment team certainly knew how to get the audience involved and having fun. Let’s face it, most folk music is about participation and having fun, so if you are a boring stick in the mud, don’t bother going to a folklore evening.

Our Prague folklore evening finished with many of the audience being taught a traditional dance. Yes, Graham got picked to dance again! Once everyone had an idea how to do the dance it was made progressive so that dancers changed partners every 16 bars and in the process met half of the dancers.

Going to a charming restaurant is nice but the occasional folklore evening such as this really creates holiday memories.