Prague by Segway

Prague by Segway was our third and best Segway experience for our 2016 European adventure. The difference was that it was a PRIVATE tour. Just Jill, Graham and a very knowledgeable guide for around three and a half hours. We asked if the changing of the palace guard could be worked in and Vodta was happy to oblige. We can only assume that our guide is a tertiary student or graduate of history because his knowledge of his city and country put us to shame.

As we explored Prague by Segway we discovered the old town areas that we always enjoy and made a note to return on foot. We had originally planned to walk across Charles Bridge and then walk up the hill to the Palace. After doing it on Segway were very glad not to have to do it on foot! With our guide teaching us, we learned about sculptures by David Cerny, the freedom wall (sometimes called the Lennon Wall) and what an icon for freedom, the late John Lennon is.

Along the way we were shown all of the sights but given a history lesson on what is now the Czech Republic. We saw the old Synagogue and Jewish Cemetery and learned that they are completely undamaged is because Hitler wanted to create a museum of Jewish culture to survive after he had exterminated the entire Jewish race!

From the palace we continued going uphill (effortlessly on our Segways) before meandering down through lovely parks and paths to rejoin the bustle of the city.

Prague doesn’t have bicycle lanes like other cities. This makes riding a Segway more difficult. As they are restricted to using pedestrian thoroughfares, Segways are restricted to 8km/hr. However, in 2017 Segways will be banned from Prague completely. From our observation, sloppy tour operators have messed it up for everyone.