Planning a holiday

Planning a holiday should ideally start about a year in advance or a bit earlier.

Why so far? Because you don’t have to rush and you’ll often get the best flight deals by booking from 350 days prior (when they open). Once Flights are locked in you can start booking your accommodation to get the best deals. Then, over the following months you can fill in the detail of your itinerary (i.e. ground transportation and what you will do and see every day) Accommodation can be booked around the same time.

If you take more than one trip a year, good planning means that you will be working two or more trips ahead!

We can’t tell you where you will enjoy travelling to because everyone likes something different. Perhaps you’ll get your inspiration from reading this blog. Maybe from travel magazines or from talking to other travellers. Whatever your muse, you can’t start planning a holiday until you have a general destination in mind.

With a basic destination in mind it is time to develop a trip outline of where you will go, how long you’ll stay and what you might see while you are there.

Even if your plans change, the trip outline is never wasted – it will be waiting for you when you are ready!

With a trip outline you can get a pretty good idea of what it will all cost. If it is more than you hoped, you may want to trim your journey or save up for a bit longer.

Once your trip is a go, book the flights and the accommodation (at flexible rates). Planning a holiday nearly a year in advance will get you the best rates and avoid disappointment. It is quite surprising how prices can change over the course of a year – no doubt influenced by what else is happening in the city at the time.

With basic trip locked in, you can begin the really fun journey of researching and planning each and every day of your travels. You will want to book tours and sundry travel about 2-3 months in advance so there is plenty of time to have fun researching.


Photo: Sunset over three bridges in Florence, Italy