Discover Tapas – A Food Walking Tour in Barcelona

Food walking tours are fabulous! Where other tours feel obliged to tell about history, our experience of food tours is that they have very skilled guides who not only help you to appreciate the local food scene but have loads of gossip to share and no rules to say that they can’t!

We took the food walking tour in Barcelona first to learn about tapas – which are the gold standard for local cuisine. We wanted to know how to order them and what sort of things to order. The meeting point was just off Las Ramblas, the famous Barcelona strip to see and be seen.

Great cuisine starts with fresh food so naturally the tour starts in the market. Amongst all of the incredibly fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables, we discovered that prosciutto comes at a range of prices… up to 189 EURO per Kg!

From the market our guide led us down alleyways so narrow that we would have avoided them if we were on our own. Of course, being on this tour we learned that incredibly narrow alleyways are typical in the old town and in fact they are the place to find the most interesting shops.

A stop at a tiny bar in one of those alleys was rewarded with a selection of tapas and how to eat and share them. Our stroll continued while taking in a smorgasbord of Barcelona historical sights. Along the way we visited a quaint store to sample some home-made nougart… yum! A church and a few piazzas later we arrived at another tapas bar where we used our new found skills to make personal selections of tapas and enjoyed with our tour companions (7 in total).

All in all, a great evening of new experiences and taste sensations while learning about life in Spain and Barcelona – – and the samples were quite enough for our dinner!

This tour was very deliberately planned for our first night in Barcelona. It set us up with some knowledge that would more enjoyment over the next two days. A big bonus was learning that narrow alleys in the old town aren’t danger spots at all – it’s just the way they were made hundreds of years ago.

Stop reading and enjoy the video – its more fun!