Cruise Port: Bergen, Norway

What can we say about Bergen? Apparently it rains there. A lot! In fact more than one local told us that God loves Bergen so much that He washes it every day!

For us it was a little disappointing that we wouldn’t get to see the spectacular views of the fjord from the nearby mountain top but you can’t pick your weather at a cruise port so you simply make the best of it. Armed with umbrellas, coats and covers for backpack and camera bag we sallied forth to explore Bergen. After all, our first view of Bergen was a spectacular tall ship returning to port with the rigging full of sailors singing at the top of their lungs into the teeming rain – so who were we to complain?

Our strategy was to take a taxi to the middle of town and walk back to the ship. On a fine day walking in both directions would have been nice but given the weather the taxi proved to be a solid plan. Securing a taxi at the pier was easy as well – extra points to Bergen.

There is a market along the wharf that is obviously operates rain or shine. Fresh seafood, fruit and vegetables, souvenirs and handcrafts are all on offer. You can also buy “street food” that is the same very fresh seafood cooked on the spot. We had our heart set on lunch in an area that we had seen a photo of on Google. And what a lovely place it would be when the sun is out. Nevertheless, we ate at that location but inside, and chose simple fare of spare ribs, coleslaw and baked potatoes. Very nice. We were interested to note that the beer was cheaper then the Coke but staggered when we later worked out that this simple lunch had cost AUD 114 (around US$85). Beware of eating in Norway!

A special discovery as we explored, was a Christmas Shop. A huge selection of Christmas decorations and paraphernalia just begging to be taken home! That discovery led to the realisation that between many old timber buildings are wooden walkways leading to more shops, restaurants and bars. Fascinating to explore.

Just like Alesund, we were happy with our decision to explore on our own rather than book a tour. If we were really averse to walking in the rain there are a number of museums that some of our fellow passengers spoke well of.