Amsterdam Canals by Night

Just as riding canal boats by day is a must, so too is cruising the Amsterdam canals by night. The city and canals take on a different life as the sun goes down. There is quite a selection of night time cruises to choose from. You can have a dinner cruise, a pizza cruise a romantic cruise or like us you may choose a simple evening canal cruise that starts at 9:00pm. If you are so inclined, there also seems to be lots of pure party boats where the main attraction is drinking.

The late start is a great excuse to find a nearby restaurant to enjoy dinner as a prelude. Our evening cruise included a complimentary drink, which was a nice touch. The wine was even quite drinkable!

Do your research on evening cruises and the sights that they offer. Ours navigated some very different canals than we had seen during the day on the Hop-on Hop-off service. It even went through the Red Light District. The captain showed his skill navigating the very narrow waterways with a wide beam boat.

If you have a camera that works well under low light conditions, there is the opportunity to capture some fabulous photos or video. Smart phones don’t cope very well but digital SLRs and low lux video cameras capture detail that even the human eye cannot see.

Our cruise took 90 minutes, which seemed fairly common. A dinner cruise you could expect to take a bt longer. Walking back to our hotel at around 11pm we felt completely safe. Yes, there were revelers in evidence but they were just having a good time. This is a good thing because Amsterdam street lighting is not very bright and it is easy to find yourself walking a minor street with no other people.